Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Shopping, 'tis the season for spending money!

With the sock party behind me, I suddenly feel very rushed about Christmas.  It's coming so quickly!  Since we're celebrating the Buckley Christmas early - on the 22nd instead of Christmas Day or later - we now have less than a week to get everything bought and wrapped.

I've never felt so unprepared!

The biggest challenge has definitely been my brother-in-law, Jared.  See, several people in Sean's family make up lists for Christmas, so we can at least get an idea of what they want.  Jared, though, hates the list idea and has refused to make one.  In desperation, I e-mailed his fiancee asking if she had any ideas.  She mentioned that he was playing more golf, so things for that sport would be good - pity I don't know the first thing about it!  Clubs are too expensive, balls are too cheap.  She also mentioned that he needs more reusable containers for taking food to work, because he's trying to watch his diet, so maybe Seanie and I can get him some nice Snapware.  That seems so uninteresting, though.

Thankfully, the twins and their parents are already taken care of.  No ideas for Seanie's father, but I think we ordered some shoes for his Mom that she wanted for when she works out in the stables.  Erin had a neat-looking board game on her wishlist, so I've been able to scratch her off the list, too.

I don't really know what I'm getting the people in my family, either, but I think they'll be relatively easy to figure out.  I wish I'd gone to the glass studio more, like Jeannie, so that I could give people glass stuff for Christmas, but I've only got a couple of decent pieces.  Well, maybe next year!
Tags: christmas, family, shopping

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