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29 December 2013 @ 03:07 pm
Glossybox: December 2013  
“What, another subscription box? Don't you have enough of those, you mail-addicted fiend?”
Well, yes.
I'm not denying that, not for a moment.

But as I was doing my holiday shopping online, I stumbled across a deal on LivingSocial that offered a one year subscription to Glossybox for $165. That breaks down to $13.75 a box, which is considerably cheaper than the $21.00 monthly plan or event the normal $220.00 annual plan. So I bought it.

I really do have poor impulse control sometimes.


December 2013

There were five items inside the box, which looked so pretty that it was almost like opening a late Christmas present. At least one of the items appears to be full-sized, and the rest are substantially-sized samples.

ANATOMICALS You Need A Blooming Shower!: This English shower gel has the fresh floral scent of roses, one of my favorite fragrances. Score! I don't usually use shower gels, because I prefer bars of soap, but I just love this smell so I'll definitely find a way to use it. Maybe as a hand soap? It's not a very expensive product; a full-sized bottle would be $5.50, according to the Glossybox website, and this is half-sized so it has a value of $2.75. It seems to be a UK product, though – I haven't yet found a US retailer.

NAILS INC. Victoria Polish: This deep red color is very similar to a shade I got in an earlier Ipsy box, so initially I was not very excited by it. But when I tried it, I felt a bit better about the polish, because this applies much more smoothly than the Butter London polish and is a brighter shade of red. Sephora sells bottles of Nails Inc. polish for $9.50 each.

CASWELL-MASEY Dr. Hunter's Hand Cream: Another rose-scented product...is this a theme or a coincidence? Well, I'm not complaining. Caswell-Masey is an American brand, dating back to a pre-Revolutionary War apothecary. It claims to have effective, time-tested products. A full-sized tube of the hand cream costs $14.00, but you can buy three of the .5 oz tubes for $10.00, so I'll value to this at $3.34. Man, it smells nice!

MICHAEL TODD Pumpkin Mask: Once upon a time, when I worked at Bath & Body Works, we released a Pumpkin face mask that got featured on Oprah, and it sold like crazy. I remember it being a decent face mask, but nothing amazing. I've really enjoyed my Michael Todd charcoal exfoliator, so I'm hoping that this pumpkin mask will be better than the one I used to sell. Full-sized bottle is $34.00; this is about a third of its size so I'll price it at $11.33.

NAOBAY Oxygenating Cream Moisturizing: This looks interesting. It reminds me a bit of Lush Cosmetics when I read the description, because the cream contains a lot of the same ingredients that Lush uses in their skincare. I wonder what makes this “oxygenating”? (Is that a real word?) Like the Anatomicals shower gel, I haven't found a US retailer for this product, so I'm getting my prices from the Glossybox card that was included in the box. It says that a 50ml bottle of this cream costs $44.00, and since this is about half that size I'll value this at $22.00, which seems like an awful lot for one tiny bottle! Facial creams are one thing I'm always willing to splurge on, especially as I get older and become increasingly paranoid about wrinkles.

One of the reasons I thought Glossybox would be a good supplement to my Ipsy subscription is that, based on reviews I've seen on other sites, it has a stronger emphasis on skincare over cosmetics. The box has a good mix of brands, and with a value of about $48.92 I feel like I got my money's worth and then some.  If the rest of my subscription is as good as this first book, I think it will be an awesome year!