Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

New Year's 2013/14

Yesterday we had a little get together at Kitty's house.  It was the usual group - me, Kero, Bandaid, Sandy and Maria.   And the hostess, naturally.  We just sat around and talked, eating Mexican food and watching Kairi, Kitty's daughter, run around the house chasing dogs and screeching.

Kairi can be quite the entertainment.  She doesn't seem to like white people; whenever Bandaid tries to pick her up, she screams.  She was being extra fussy, so she wouldn't let anyone touch her except her mother and father.  She's at that interesting stage where she's learning to talk but it isn't her primary communication method.  She parroted words, and managed to pick up the name of Kero's dog pretty quickly (although instead of "Lilo" Kairi could only manage "Lolo") but she usually defaulted to sign language if we didn't understand her fast enough.  Unlike Rhi, who wants her kids to be fluent in sign language, signing has simply been a way to make parenting easier for Kitty, so Kairi doesn't know a lot of signs.  But thankfully, the ones she does use are signs that I know, so I usually had an idea of what she wanted.

Maria and Sandy are still single, no old married ladies like the rest of us, and when the conversation turned to dating it was pretty funny, because we really had to watch how we phrased things lest Kairi pick up a few choice phrases.  Hopefully,we didn't corrupt her too much in one afternoon.

Seanie's off today, so we really want to go out and do something fun for New Year's - but he's sick.  Really sick.  So I think we'll stay home and watch movies, which doesn't sound too exciting but there's not much to be done about it.
Tags: holidays, kairi, kero, kitty, new years

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