Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

No new car for me!

It looks like my brief flirtation with buying a new car is over.

After much consideration, some test drives, and a whole lot of staring at my Civic through the front window of our house, I've decided that I'm just not ready to let Amadeus go. The car gets great mileage, it's in terrific shape, it looks pretty sporty, and I'm just terribly, terribly fond of it. Replacing it, whenever that happens, will be tough. But this is not the time to do it. I don't like the new cars that are out there, and I'm enough of a spoiled princess that I don't want to buy a used car if I don't have to. I like being the one and only owner of my car!

Kenny thinks that he may have found a car that he would like to buy, anyway - a Yaris belonging to a friend. He got a payout of $11,000 from the insurance company, plus some money from my Dad, so he can afford to get quite a nice car! So I'm not too worried about him. He'll find something sooner or later.
Tags: cars, shopping

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