Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

In which Kero and I fail to defy traditional gender roles.

So Kero has officially landed in Grownupsville by purchasing a house.
I know, it seems like only yesterday that we were in high school, and our biggest concern was what color fuzzy dice should decorate her rear view mirror.   Now she's gone and bought a condo and she has to worry about things like building inspectors and HOA dues.
But then, scratching "Own a house" off the "Things to do Before 30" list is pretty awesome, too.  So major kudos to her.

She got the key over the weekend, and since I have a whole lot of Nothing going on during the week I went over today to help her hang curtains.  It seemed pretty straightforward, right?  Two women, college-educated and capable, can surely install a curtain rod and hang some fabric from it.  Right?  I mean, Erin and I built our mother-in-law's wooden filing cabinet just a few weeks ago!  Kero and I will get that curtain up in no time.

Oh.  We need a studfinder?  No problem, Kero will get one while I'm driving over.

Wait, the studfinder has no batteries?  Shoot.  We've got to run to Office Max, the closest store that carries such things, and pick up a pack of 9 volts.  The young man at the register helpfully reminds us that if we ever need AAA batteries, we can open up a 9 volt and get them out of there.

Goodness, this studfinder is complicated.  It lights up when it detects a stud but it only beeps when over the exact center of the beam.

We have located the studs.  Oh, we'd better measure where we want to place the curtain rod holders before screwing them in.  With only one stepladder, this takes longer than expected, and gobbles up half an hour easily.

Thank goodness I hit In-n-Out earlier, while Kero was finding her tools at her old house.  There's no food here otherwise, because Kero won't officially be moved in until the end of the month.  Time for a reheated french fry break because all this work is simply exhausting.

Right.  Curtains.

We pull the curtains out of the bag and shake them out, and hang them on the rod (which is still on the floor).  Man, these are going to look good when they're up.  Let's get those brackets screwed in!

We line up the first bracket.  Kero takes her screwdriver and the screw and gets ready.  And-

The darn stud is too hard for the screw to penetrate.  We need a drill, and neither of us owns one.

Project: Curtain Installation failed.

Kero decides that her husband can install the curtains tomorrow, since he'll be hanging around the house waiting for furniture to be delivered.  I agree that at this point, it's the best course.  We're just incompetent girls, after all, and apparently only men can use drills to install furniture.

(Actually, if we'd been smart we would have called Kitty; I'm pretty sure she and her family installed all the fancy curtains in their house a few years back so she surely would have known what to do.)
Tags: fail, girly nonsense, kero, moving out

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