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~/o Pinky and the Brain

Sailor has pink eye! For some reason, that's hysterically funny. I think my sense of humor is seriously whacked-out. It's so hard to resist calling him 'Pinky.' >_<;

Since I have no classes on Wednesday I spent the morning practicing piano and going over katakana (again.) Next week I think I'll finally start working on grammar...I hate it so much that I've been putting it off and off and off. But I'm never going to be able to read the silly language if I don't work on it. Around three I had to go in to work to find out how to operate the new coffee machine; Sailor called and we agreed to meet up on campus later in the afternoon. The coffee machine isn't that different from the old one, so I don't know why I had to go find out. Jose must think I'm freakin' dumb or something. Ah well, I stole a passionfruit mousse to make myself feel better.

Went up to school around four and parked across the street, in the parking lot for the park. I buried myself in Jude the Obscure for forty-five minutes, nibbling at my mousse between pages. I nearly forgot my original purpose and had to hurry over to campus and get the boi, but it worked out well enough in the end – I found him more or less on time. On the way back to my car we stopped and watched the ducks in the park's pond for a while; he kept trying to feel up the baby ducks, that sicko. The mama duck we were watching had a huge patch of feathers missing out of the back of her neck, and it was bloody and bruised. Some dick of a drake had been pecking at her and the ducklings. I wanted to kick his ass, but unfortunately throwing my shoe at him would've required some system for retrieving my flipflop from the pond. >_<; Poo! He stinks.

After dropping Sailor off I went home and found my birthday present from Davy. ^_^ He sent me a lovely Lip Service coat from the Where the Wild Things Are line. It's black, made from 'monster fur', with pleather snaps in front. The note he included said that despite the fact it was the wrong time of year for a heavy coat, I'd need it when I visited him in 'Frisco. Ha ha! So true...

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