Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,
k00kaburra Box #16

GRAZE Box is a invitation-only snack subscription service that mails a box of four items every two or four weeks.  The boxes are $6.00 each.  To sign up, you need a friend code; mine is SUZIH2FXP if you would like to use it. 

Pear Tatin
pear, raspberry infused cranberries, yogurt coated sunflower seeds and almonds
See Box #2.

Spicy Corn Taco
hot chili peanuts, edamame beans and roasted corn
I wasn't a big fan of this one. I usually don't like spicy things, and the hot chilli peanuts were a bit too much for me.  I liked the texture of the roasted corn, which really did remind me of a taco shell, but this wasn't a hit in our household. I couldn't even convince Seanie to finish it for me.
Verdict: TRASH

My Thai
sweet chilli sauce with baked soy bites
See Box #1.

Tropical Sundae
pineapple, mango and banana coins
Dried bananas are weird.  I mean, these are different from banana chips, which are pleasantly crunchy.  Instead, the bananas have a softer texture which is spongy and a little weird.  Add stringy dried pineapple and mango that feels almost like leather, and it's a nice idea that just didn't pan out.
Verdict: TRASH

I think that this will be the last time that I write about one of my Graze boxes.  It's not that I plan to unsubscribe, but after sixteen boxes I think you guys have a pretty good idea of what a Graze subscription is like.  There just isn't much news to report, especially now that I'm repeating so many items in each box.
Tags: food, graze, snacks, subscription boxes

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