Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Job interview!!

I had a job interview today with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  For the next couple of months, they're doing a special South Bay installation in Los Altos, and they need more gallery attendants than they initially hired.  I'm not especially fond of contemporary art, but getting into the SFMOMA "family" is too valuable an opportunity to pass up.  The interview went pretty well - they were interested in my combination of retail and museum experience, since the job basically has two components: advertising the museum to new audiences and helping visitors foster connections with the pieces on display.  It sounds like I've basically got the job, so long as my references check out - which they will, of course!

The good:
- SFMOMA is a large, well-regarded institution.
- The museum is closed until 2016 for remodeling, but when it reopens there will hopefully be a lot of new positions to fill.
- This exhibition in the South Bay is great because I don't have to commute up to San Francisco every day.

The so-so:
- I'm an on-call attendant - essentially, a back-up performer - so there won't be a lot of hours.  But that's OK given that I'm taking those classes at DeAnza.
- Contemporary art isn't really my thing, as I said, but an art museum is closer to my eventual goals than another history museum would be.

I actually like installations that are part of this show because it is very South Bay-focused, with a lot of emphasis on local culture and history.  A lot of the exhibits do need a bit of explanation to be properly enjoyed, but they are relatively accessible to an audience that may not spend much time around modern art.  I couldn't see everything today, because I had to run back to San Jose for a dentist appointment, but I'll definitely write about the show in greater depth when I get a chance to explore it more.
Tags: interview, museum, san francisco, sfmoma

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