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Yesterday morning Seanie stood me up again, the jerk! I'll have to punish him somehow...ugh, that was not a promising start for the day.

Drawing was held outdoors today, and we were ill-prepared for the sun. Bandaid and I were baked bright red; Tyler kept himself covered but was roasted in the heat. Ugh. My picture turned out quite poorly; I'm so displeased it isn't funny. I'll have to practice more this weekend with graphite sticks and conte crayon.

There was an eclipse last night; I was slightly disappointed because Davy couldn't watch it with me this year. We used to do this sort of thing all the time. -_-; But he called promptly at nine PM (when minutes are no longer counted by AT&T) and we did the next best thing. We watched it separately but talked just like we were together. It was purtiful, but we in California were cheated. The total eclipse occurred before the moon rose, so we missed that and only saw the shadow retreating. But it's far better than nothing, and the moon was funky orange for a while. I like orange moons; they're cool. That'd make a great candy treat, don't you think? Orange moons. Orange Moons. Nummy.

Which David Bowie are you?

I couldn't sleep all night; everything hurt. I've looked at my skin and the burns don't seem bad at all; I'm only peeling at the shoulders and nothing else looks badly off. But everything ached, like the skin was being pulled too tightly over the bones. I'm positive I was feverish for a while...I'm wondering if perhaps I got sunstroke or heat exhaustion? It seems ridiculous, because I never have before, especially from only two-three hours in the sun, but it fits...except it wasn't immediate, and I always thought such things were. But in the middle of the night I was freezing, but couldn't bear blankets because my skin burned and radiated heat. My throat hurt so much but I couldn't drink anything; I was terrified it wouldn't stay down. I was dizzy and disoriented, and couldn't walk very far. Damn, and I was so hungry and so scared to eat. (I really, really can't stand puking, and would probably starve myself to death to avoid it.)

Finally, after my mom and brother left for school, I crawled off into the bathtub and expired for half an hour; afterwards I felt much better and ate some strawberries. Seanie called and apologized for blowing me off Thursday, which made me smile. I couldn't convince myself to get dressed, so I just lay around listlessly for most of the morning, sometimes drifting into sleep but mostly staring at the ceiling and having incoherent thoughts. This got really boring, so I crawled downstairs and doodled and wrote for a while. I'm feeling fine enough to get around, so I'm sure everything's perfectly fine. But I'm not going anywhere without a water bottle and my sunscreen from now on. :^_^;

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