Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Daddy Birthday

Last night my family decided to have a dinner for my Dad's birthday. He won't actually be turning 65 until Wednesday, but it was much easier to get everyone together on the weekend. Originally, Mom wanted to take him out to a restaurant, but once she and my father realized that the 49ers vs Seahawks playoff game would be playing this afternoon, she decided to make dinner at home so she wouldn't have to miss anything. So she asked Dad what he wanted. He requested steak and fries initially, but later changed his mind to Coquilles St. Jacques (scallops in a mushroom-cheese/cream sauce). Mom decided to make both since some family members (*cough*Seanie*cough*) don't care for seafood.

I can't remember my mother ever making a classic French dish, so I was really interested in watching her cook the scallops. Unfortunately, by the time I made it over to the house she'd done most of the prep work so I ended up watching the pans of cooking food while she stared at the tv, distracted by the football game. Oh well.

Kenny had bought three cupcakes for my dad from a fancy bakery down in Santa Cruz, but the math didn't quite work (3 cupcakes divided between 5 people = complicated) so Seanie and I had been assigned one simple task: pick up a bundt cake for Dad from the Anything Bundt Cake store down the street. I even went online to check the store hours and thought we had plenty of time. When I drove up, though, the store had just closed fifteen minutes before. Dang! I checked a couple of other bakeries that were nearby, but they were all closed too. It was only about 4:15 - not that late in the day!

I ended up driving to Lucky's and picking up a small 4" carrot cake and a 4" chocolate "Hostess" cupcake. I figured that with these two small cakes and the cupcakes, people could sample whatever caught their interest and there'd be enough dessert to go around. It worked out fine, but it wasn't impressive as one big regular-sized cake would have been. Oh well. Should've been more on the ball about that bundt cake Mom wanted.

So dinner was good. Mom had also made asparagus spears and a tomato-basil-mozzarella salad to round out the meat and potatoes. Naturally, the family was disappointed when the Niners lost, but Seanie and I hadn't been following the game prior to dinner so the emotions just weren't there. After dinner, Kenny gave Dad a Monty Python concert DVD so we watched that while Mom worked on her computer and Seanie tried to connect his laptop to the Internet through Dad's crazy web of firewalls and other security measures. Good ol' fun for the whole family.
Tags: birthday, daddy, family, food, sports

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