Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Was I really this stupid my freshman year? (Yes.)

I'm starting to suspect that I am just too darn old and cantankerous to take college classes now.

Two kids - probably freshmen, they looked 18 or 19 - sat down next to me in my Spanish class. I've noticed them a few times; the boy rarely pays attention and tends to leave the class suddenly and randomly. I suspect he's either the boyfriend or drives the girl home after school, because she does pay attention some of the time. Today, they were talking to each other in Chinese and weren't even being all that quiet about it. I tried to ignore them, but it was really distracting.

About ten minutes into class, the boy pulls out a laptop and starts to show the girl something online. The teacher spots him and tells him to put it away - computers are 100% not allowed in his classroom, something he made explicitly clear on the first day.

Good, I thought, I love it when a teacher actually enforces the rules he sets out.

The boy starts getting squirmy and after a minute, he pulls out his cell phone. The teacher must be watching him now, because he almost immediately gets reminded that cell phones are also not to be used during class. The boy scowls but stuffs the phone back into his pocket.

This whole time, he and the girl have been chattering away. I've just about had it, so after listening to them for another minute I hiss, "Hey, can you keep it down? I can't hear the teacher over you two!" The boy mutters something in Chinese (I assume some equivalent of "Fuck you!") and actually stops. The girl looks embarrassed, and she pulls out her textbook, while he stares into space for about thirty seconds before getting up and going outside. When he comes back to class ten minutes later, he smells strongly of weed, but he's quiet for the rest of the class.

When I was a young'un we at least pretended to pay attention to our teacher, and if we were doodling instead of taking notes at least we weren't disruptive. I never understood the logic of going to class if you weren't going to pay attention - it's college, no one really takes attendance after the first couple of weeks, so if you want to do something else just do it! Don't come to class just to socialize and play games on electronic devices. That's stupid. I could go on and on about this, but I suppose it's unbecoming so I'll stop.
Tags: deanza, school

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