Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Orientation at SFMOMA

Well, I'm officially working at a museum again! My orientation shift was today. We spent the morning going over paperwork (I've never had to sign so many forms for a job before) and a brief introduction to the history of the museum. I's so much bigger than I thought - over 29,000 objects in the collection - that the need for expansion, which precipitated the Project Los Altos installation, seems pretty obvious. It's still pretty shocking that the museum has to build a second building when the current museum building was completed in 1995, which is really not so very long ago.

It looks like I'll be in Los Altos most Wednesdays and Fridays in February. Since the installation will only be open until the beginning of March, I won't have a lot of shifts, but since I have to balance them with work at RHA and with my classes at DeAnza, the hours I'm getting are perfect.

After lunch, we three new employees did a quick tour of the four indoor installation sites with our supervisor, who told us the highlights of each piece. I'm rapidly becoming aware that I'll really have to watch my terminology. An piece that consists of three video screens projecting short films cannot be referred to as "movies" - they're video installations.

One thing the supervisor warned us about was that we may occasionally run into "quizzers", visitors who will want to quiz us on our knowledge of contemporary art to establish that we're "good enough" to work in an art museum. I'll definitely have to brush up on art from about 1940 on in case I run into one of these visitors.

After work I visited my friend Becca, who works at the SJ Musem of [Modern] Art, and she reminded me that if I apply for a job at her museum before she moves to the East Coast in April, she can put a good word in and I can probably get a position there. I've been putting it off because again, contemporary art really isn't my thing, but it's good to know that I might be able to continue in this field if working for Project Palo Alto changes my thoughts on contemporary art.

In other, sillier news, today was #museumselfie day on the Internets. Naturally, I had to participate, so here I am next to Door Sculpture to Talk About the Idea of Different Possibilities You May Have to Process Your Life by Chris Johanson. It's a series of three brightly-colored doorways in Lincoln Park, right next to downtown Los Altos.

Tags: art, art history, museum, sfmoma, work

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