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Glossybox: January 2014

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January 2014

Glossybox sure makes an elegant-looking package.  The outer box is a lovely dusty rose, while the contents are nicely wrapped up in tissue paper with a bow with a card that tells you exactly what is in the box.   It almost looks giftable!  But I'd never be able to resist unwrapping it long enough to give an unopened box away.

Printed on the back of the card was the following message:

It's the beginning of a brand new year, and we want to make sure you have the best skincare and makeup to start the year off right.  After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, slow down and relax with an invigorating body wash.  Try a new method of applying makeup and skincare by using the Beautyblender to apply both the blush and moisturizer in your GLOSSYBOX.  We hope you love the first box of the year, and can't wait for the many more to come!

Oh boy!

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The Original Beautyblender - I've heard so many people rave about this product - including Jeans - that I've been dying to try it, but I kept holding off on buying it in the hopes that it would show up in one of my subscription boxes.  Well, here it is at last!  The beautyblender sponge is supposed to be great for blending out foundation and soaking excess moisturizer and oil.  The funky teardrop shape is supposed to better match the curves of the face than a cotton ball or traditional wedge-shaped make-up sponge.   The sponge comes with a sample-sized bottle of the blendercleanser so that you can clean your sponge easily.  If this was all that was in the box, I'd be thrilled, but there's other products, too!   $19.95

Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturizing Spray - Hmm.  I'm actually using a Toni&Guy leave-in conditioner that I got via Amazon Vine right now, but other than that I'm unfamiliar with the brand.  I really don't know what to do with texturizing spray, though.  I mean, I know that it's supposed to create body, but that's never been a major concern of mine...I wonder if it would give lift to my roots?  That's one thing I'd like to achieve with my hair; someone should send me a product for that!  $16.99 for full-sized bottle, $6.25 for the 2.5 oz trial size.

Bellapierre Mineral Blush in Desert Rose - I do like shimmery mineral blushes, as long as it doesn't cross the line into glittery.  My first reaction is, "Gee, doesn't this color look a little too peachy-pink for me?" but it actually looks pretty similar to NARS' Orgasm blush, which is the color I usually use and I'm conveniently running low on.  So I'm really excited about this one.  $20.00

Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash - This is the second body wash I've gotten from Glossybox (and I've only had two boxes!) - are they trying to tell me I stink?  The juniper and geranium give this a very antiseptic smell.  £3.75 or $6.19

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream - I have very dry, dehydrated skin and supposedly this cream works wonders for just that problem.  I've heard the company mentioned in passing once or twice but this'll be my first opportunity to try one of the products.  Very cool!  $31.00 for a full-sized 1.69 oz pot or $10.33 for this trial size.

Man, what an awesome box.  I'm really excited abut the face cream and the beautyblender; if the blush does in fact mimic the Nars' Orgasm then I'll be thrilled about that, too.  I paid $13.75 for this box - less than the cost of the beautyblender! - and just got fantastic stuff in return.

I can't wait to see what they send out in February!
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