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Glossybox: La Prairie Special Edition Box


Glossybox: La Prairie Box

After spending several years working in skincare, I've become rather fascinated by it.  Even though it's been several years since I worked at Lush, and even longer since I was an employee of Bath & Body Works, I still like to follow the industry trends.  There have always been certain high-end brands that I've wanted to try, but the products are much too expensive for me to try.  La Prairie has always been on of these companies.  They have $90 toners and $300 face creams. There's no way I could ever afford to shop there.

But when I saw that Glossybox was offering five travel-sized La Prairie products for a mere $40.00, I couldn't resist.  Finally, a chance to find out just what makes their products so flippin' expensive!

Foam Cleanser: Natural plant extracts purify and sooth the skin while gently removing makeup, surface impurities and environmental pollutants.  At $95.00 a bottle, this foaming cleanser would have to be pretty darn miraculous before I'd considering purchasing it at full price.  Even with Amazon's famous discounting power, this still rings up at over $50.00 for full size.  Ouch!

Cellular Refining Lotion: I've never understood the precise definition of lotion; sometimes it's a cream used after cleaning the skin, and at other times it's a toner, like La Prairie's Cellular Refining Lotion.  After washing the skin, this alcohol-free toner flushes out the pores and removes any traces of cleanser with gentle plant extracts.  (Or so the packaging says.)  A full-sized bottle is $95.00.  I have a hard time justifying the purchase of a $10 toner from Bath & Body Works, because it seems a frankly superfluous product, so this seems incredibly overpriced.  But I'll try it, and see how it goes.
Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil: The two ice crystal products in the box are brand new; if I recall correctly they were not yet available on La Prairie's website when the boxes shipped.  La Prairie describes the new Ice Crystal line as "nature’s most powerful survival secrets revealed. a brilliant new way to help skin protect itself from accelerated aging. lavishly hydrating, luxuriously nurturing, skin becomes more resilient and renewed, looking younger, longer."  The dry oil costs $300 an ounce (ouch!) and can be applied directly to the skin or combined with a moisturizer if necessary.  Only a few drops are needed each time, so in theory an ounce should last a long time.

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream: Another moisturizer from the Ice Crystal line that firms the skin, protects it from daily stress and aging, and at $300.00 per pot ought to give its user superpowers and a free Starbucks latte every morning, too.

Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex:This is another product that only one or two drops is needed at a time.  This eye cream - really, it's more of a gel - is supposed to firm up the skin around the eyes, lifting and reducing lines.  As much as I want to believe I still don't need this kind of anti-aging product, I can see the ghosts of crow's feet on my face and figure prevention would be a great idea.  $135.00 for a full-sized bottle.

I was too lazy to do the math and approximate a value for each travel-sized bottle, but I noticed that a similar gift set sells directly form La Prairie for $230.00 so that gives you a ballpark reason for why I felt the need to snatch this Glossybox up the moment I spotted it.  Not surprisingly, this limited edition box sold out very quickly after it became available, but perhaps someday Glossybox will run another one.

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