Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Dumbass of the Day

Tonight in my Spanish class we had a midterm review.  The actual exam will be next week, which the instructor mentioned multiple times at the start of class.  It's a three hour class, and we're more than halfway through.  My teacher has been going through each chapter lesson by lesson.   Even if you were late to class, it's obvious that we won't be taking the exam today.

However, Captain Dumbass (as I've officially named this kid because he's such a joke of a student) has been his usual spaced-out self. He has been chattering to his girlfriend or on his phone for pretty much the entire time.  Suddenly, he leans forward and asks the kid sitting next to me, "Hey, when are we taking the test?"  The kid looks at him and mouths, "Tuesday." 

Captain pushes his hipster glasses frames around on his face for a minute and then raises his hand and interrupts our teacher mid-sentence, "Hey, are we taking the test tonight?"

The teacher looks at him as one might look at a dog turd on your porch and says, "We already took the midterm; where were you?"  Captain Dumbass turns red and frowns as the teacher continues, "We're reviewing for the midterm today, we're obviously not taking a test today!"

As the teacher returns to his lesson, Captain Dumbass turns to his girlfriend and whines, "Why are we here if there's no test?"  He procedes to noisily squirm, huff and puff for the rest of the day.

I hope the kid fails the midterm next week, but I bet he'll just copy off his girlfriend and get a higher score than me, because that seems to be how it works around here.

Tags: deanza, school, spanish

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