Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Learn something new every day!

Bubble_TeaSo I always thought "boba" was a bastardization of "bubble", thus the phrase bubble tea**.

Turns out, not so much!
According to the Internets, bōbà is Chinese slang for large breasts.

Surely one of my authentic Chinese friends - meaning the kind that actually speak Chinese, not folks like me who only tap into their Chinese roots when ordering food or trying to finagle a li sei envelope at New Year's -  could have told me this.

** Boba/bubble tea, often commonly referred to as pearl tea, is a milk tea with balls of tapioca mixed in. They come in a wide variety of tea flavors, but popular variations include strawberry, peach, melon, lychee and taro.
Tags: chinese, chinese-american, food, tea

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