Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Life Drawing Midterm

Yesterday was the critique for the Life Drawing midterm project.  The assignment was fairly straightforward: draw something made up of human bodies, using a minimum of five bodies or body parts.

It took me a while to come up with a design, because the project was so open-ended that I really could draw anything!  Finally, inspired by my Valentine's Day dissection, I decided to draw a heart.  Since charcoal is so messy, and I was rather short on time, I opted to go with graphite for the sketch.  Here is a quick cell phone photo of the finished product:

It turned out pretty well, I think!  I wasn't the the only one to go with a heart theme, which was a pity, but I did a better job of utilizing the shapes to create an object out of human muscles.  So many of the other assignments would be the outline of an animal or an object, like a tree or a horse, with human figures drawn inside.  So it was less like the thing was made from body parts as body parts were simply painted onto the thing as additional decoration.  So I felt pretty proud that my piece was more convincing and visually interesting.

It has some problems, of course - I'm not altogether pleased with the large round butt and the stretching legs on the left side of the sketch - it doesn't look quite right to me.  The face at the end of the vein is a bit cartoonish compared to the rest of the drawing, too, but I do like it that way.  The hand in the uppermost portion looks pretty good, though.
Tags: art, drawing, drawings

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