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Glossybox: February 2014

February 2014

Glossybox always ships fairly late in the month, so my February box ended up arriving on my porch in early March.  That's all fine and dandy - I guess I'll just get two Glossyboxes this month! - by it makes the Valentine-inspired card already seem old, and it's just arrived!  Here's what the card said:

Here at GLOSSYBOX, we aim to deliver a box filled with love and happiness every month.  We hope that as you receive your box, it serves as a reminder to take some time off to primp and pamper yourself.  This month's lineup includes a wonderful hair treatment for color-treated hair (inhale deeply after spritzing into hair, it smells divine) and an eyeliner of the darkest black that stays on like no other.  GLOSSYBOX subscribers also get an exclusive sneak peek at Lauren B. Beauty, a brand new nail polish line that will launch in Spring 2014.  What better than pink polish to celebrate the month of love?

Well, it's a pity about the hair treatment - I don't have color-treated hair, so what's the point of it for me? - but I'm curious about some of the other items in the box.

ANATOMICALS Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches:  I have been looking extra tired lately, what with all this rushing around for work and school and Seanie's unfortunate snoring at night.  I've got dark circles under my eyes and I've noticed that the skin around them has gotten a little sensitive.  If this can help make me look more alert and fresh, it'll be a miracle product. $11.00 for three packets.

FIGS & ROUGE Cherry Blossom Tinted Lip Balm Tube: I'm not yet sure what I think of this.  On the surface, it seems the perfect fit for me - a light pink tinted lip balm that is moisturizing, yet shiny like a lip gloss.  But it looks like the color and the glossy substance may have separated, and as a result the balm is extremely goopy and hard to apply.  I'm hoping that perhaps it will improve after the first few uses and that the color and balm won't be separated for the entire tube. $9.00.

LAUREN B. BEAUTY Nail Polish in City of Angels: This pastel pink is a color I would never wear.  It's too friggin' pink for Barbie!  Too bad.  Maybe I can trade someone for a better color. $18.00.

PUREOLOGY Serious Colour Care Hair Beautifier for Color-Treated Hair: It's some sort of spray that helps prime, protect and perfect color-treated hair. If I had colored hair, I bet that this would be fantastic, but since I don' $4.00 sample-sized bottle. 

SUMITA BEAUTY Kala Color Intense Pencil: I do love eye pencils, and this is a full-sized basic black pencil.  It's a basic, and it's definitely something I'll use.  I'm excited. $15.00.

This box had a great retail dollar value ($57.00!), but I'd only use one or two of the items regularly.  Well, three if you count the lip balm, which I really hope doesn't remain weird and separated.  It's a good selection of items, just not a particularly good one for me.  But Glossybox doesn't customize their boxes to individuals the way Ipsy claims to, so I can't complain too much since this is intended for a general audience.
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