Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Bears & Friends Gummies

Whenever my mom travels out of the country - and now that she's been retired, she's off having adventures three or four times a year - she brings back local snacks for my husband and I to try.  On a recent trip to Germany, she brought back some Bears & Friends gummy candies.

Seanie and I decided to tear into the gummies when our friend Eric visited, and as we pulled the gummies out we began to notice that the contents were not your average gummy bear.  In fact, gummy bear were conspicuously absent.  However, there were a variety of other gummy-shaped items that one normally doesn't expect to find:


As best as we could decipher, the bag contains:
- orange cathedrals (or factories?)
- green lederhosen
- white Neuschwanstein castles
- green poinsettias (or some sort of flower)
- yellow beer steins
- orange boobs / female torsos (gruesome!)
- green Tyrolean hats
- red pretzels
- red cows
- green Imperial lions
- white snowflakes

Very odd, right?  But I suppose it's all the great landmarks and German sights in a chewy, easy-to-carry-home bag!

Beer steins taste like banana; the breasts were more of a peach flavor.

Lederhosen had an apple-ish flavor, but I have no idea what the white flavor is.  Maybe another variation on peach?

The red, I'm pretty sure, is cherry, and the bluish green used for the lion and the flower is another mystery flavor.  It's a fruit, but for the life of me I can't quite put my finger on which one it is meant to be!  Maybe a green grape?

German gummies are weird.
Tags: candy, food, germany, snacks, travel

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