Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,


Maybe I'll finally make some progress on that resolution to learn to ride a bike.  Thanks to the kindness of my aesthetician, I have been gifted with a bicycle so it is actually possible to  practice!

Isn't it cute?
Well, I love that it's a pretty shade of blue.  The brakes are a bit stiff and Seanie assures me I'll need to do some maintenance on it before the bike is ready to hit city streets, but this is certainly good enough that I'll be able to tool around the backyard or on the local bike path.  I even messed around on it a bit in the parking lot while I waited for Seanie to pick the bike up in his brother's truck, but all that did was prove that I really have no idea how to ride a bike.  Balance is hard!

But I'll figure it out.  That's what grown-ups do, right?  We tackle problems and figure sh*t out.
Tags: bicycle

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