Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Ceramics Update

Today was the last day for wheel throwing in ceramics, which was something of a disaster.  I'm still pretty darn terrible at it - before this morning, I had not even been able to successfully raise the walls of a cup without collapsing them under the weight of the rim.  I managed to finish two little cups by the end of class, but they're not tall enough (the assignment calls for cylinders of at least 5") and the walls are very uneven.  I was out of clay, though, so there was no way to continue to practice even if I had more time.

I'm really bummed that we spent so little time with wheel throwing.  Granted, I missed a day or two thanks to the CAM conference, but even so it seemed like we started it really late in the quarter and just don't have time.

Next Tuesday we'll be able to trim our pieces, but we can't start new projects.  I hope that my cups will be dry enough - I had to use a clay called "smooth sculpt" and I've noticed that it dries a lot slower than some of the other clay mixes.
Tags: art, ceramics, deanza

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