Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Pi Day 2014

I'm at work, chatting with Seanie via Google Chat (as one does) when he starts whining about how much he wants some friggin' pie.

This is pretty par for the course.  Seanie's obsessed with pie.  But today his desire has a special urgency because it is March 14th, aka 3.14, or Pi Day.  So, to celebrate, one simply must eat pie.

Now, between the two of us, I'm the one who has left the house, so it instantly becomes my duty to track down some pie.  Well, why not?  I can't think of bakeries in the vicinity of RHA, so I call the one closest to our house.

Now, Dick's Bakery has been around for a long time, but they are best known for baking an excellent burnt almond cake.  Their pies?  Well, I've never heard a thing about them.  But they must be doing something right, because when I call them I'm told that they're completely sold out.  Not a pie to be had in all the store.

Well, that makes things a bit tricky.  Most of the other local bakeries will be closed by the time I get off work, so Seanie has a choice between Marie Callenders and grocery store pie.  Since the Marie Callenders pies weren't on sale, I was inclined to give up on the idea, but Seanie can't be turned off pie once his attention has focused in on it.  So, after work I found myself in Safeway's frozen food aisle, trying to find the tastiest looking frozen pie.  (Trick mission: Frozen pies never, ever look tasty.)

There were no peach pies to be had, and pumpkin just seemed odd and out of season.  The apples were unappetizing, and Seanie and I would never agree on a berry.  So I ended up grabbing a frozen chocolate cream pie (Claim Jumpers, I think) and a personal-sized frozen peach pie.

The chocolate pie was quite bland and flavorless, which was quite disappointing.
Seanie ate the personal pie so quickly that I didn't even get a chance to try it.

We should have gone with a pizza pie, if you ask me, but Seanie was so intent on dessert pies that I had to oblige him.
Tags: food, married life, pie, seanie

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