Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

All caught up on Game of Thrones!

Seanie and I finished the third season of Game of Thrones last night, and wow.
That show is just amazing.
It's so intense and dramatic.

I'm always surprised by how much I love the show, because I didn't much care for A Game of Thrones when I read it last year.  But it's really well done.  The actors are fantastic.  There's so much talent in the cast that each of the main characters is unforgettable - and that's one hell of a challenge when you look at just how many men and women are running around Westeros.

The next season debuts in about a month, and we've got to figure out a legal way to keep up with the series.  I don't know anyone who buys premium cable channels, and HBO refuses to stream the episodes online, so I might have to wait until the DVDs are out, but that sucks SO MUCH when everyone and their mother is talking about the show!
Tags: fantasy, game of thrones, tv

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