Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Never leave home without hot chocolate!

At work, as part of our guest services, we brew coffee every morning.  It's nothing fancy - Folger's - but the residents just love it.  They bring their reusable coffee cups down to the Clubhouse just to fill up before toddling back home to read the newspaper at home.  Woe betide the Clubhouse associate that doesn't have the coffeepots full and hot at 8:00 am sharp.

We used to offer tea and packets of hot chocolate, too, but it was just too expensive.  We suspected that residents were simply pocketing packets and taking them home instead of consuming them in the Clubhouse.  Mothers of small children, in particular, were considered guilty.

Not that the kids themselves are innocent.  I remember when I was a small child my favorite part of visiting my dad's office was going to the break station and concocting foul brews with the packets of tea and hot chocolate and sugar and creamer.  (Heck, when I visit my friends who work at dot-coms the first thing I look for is free food and free coffee!)  But I I know that this experimentation is a thing that children do.  I've never actually caught a resident's child at it, but my boss was convinced it was the kids and their parents that cost us big bucks each month.  So we cut back on tea, opting for a cheaper brand, and canceled hot chocolate completely.

Well, one resident wasn't having any of it.  At least once a week, he came in and complained that we were out of hot chocolate.  He would then fill out a complaint form about the lack of hot chocolate, even after we'd explained it was no longer something we offered.  This was not a middle-aged woman hot-flashing her way through menopause, but a seventy-something tennis player who can certainly afford to go buy a tub of hot chocolate from the grocery store.

His constant campaign eventually won out, because last week the CEO went to the grocery store one block down the street and bought several boxes of Swiss Miss chocolate.  He dumped it into a drawer in the front desk, and told us that from now on if a resident asked for hot chocolate, we could give them one packet.

"Unless it's a kid," he added. "You don't have to give it to them."

So now we have a secret chocolate stash at work, all so that one little old man will feel he's getting his money's worth out of his homeowners' association. 
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