Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

The door is open - walk right through!

So one of my coworkers recently got hired at another job - great!  I have wanted to replace her for ages, so this seemed like a great opportunity to let her go with no hard feelings.  Since her other job is through the same temp agency we used to find her, she can only work a total of forty hours between the two jobs.

Trouble is that she doesn't want to leave, so she told my boss that she could work alternate weekend evenings.  For now, my boss says we'll keep her on the schedule.  Because of the forty hour reception, this means that she can only work eight hours for us before we have to pay overtime**.  This is really inconvenient for us, and really cuts into schedule flexibility.  My boss decided, after I whined for a while, that we'll look for a replacement, but we'll keep it quiet until that person has been trained.  Then we'll have the agency tell the current coworker that her services are no longer required.

I just hope we can find someone soon.

** By the way, this is stupid.  If a temp goes over forty hours, the agency bills the client, even if the overtime occurs because the employee works part-time at two different jobs.  Ridiculous.
Tags: rha, work

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