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I had such a fun li'l date!

Tonight was really fun. ^_^ I went over to visit Kitty and drop off my charcoal household-item drawing, because I probably won't make it to school tomorrow, and we went out for ice cream and nail polish. (Doesn't that sound pleasantly girly?) We wandered all over this shopping center at Bernal and Santa Teresa, eating ice cream cones, talking about the randomest junk. There were these weird guys that stared at us when we walked by, so to avoid them we took a detour through the parking lot and nearly got run over 5+ times. Kitty said she'd never complain about my driving again.
We also popped by Rite Aid and got Kitty new colors for her nails. She ended up getting Chrome Blue, which is purtiful*shiny, and Solar, which is an intriguing mix of purple and gold. When the light shines directly on it, it's a metallic gold. When it isn't being hit by light, it's a delicate, feminine lavender. And in either color it's shiny shiny. It was called "Solar" and it is painted on my toes. ^_^

Sunset - You are the spark of inspiration, the fuel
of the imagination, and the essence of
destruction. You are one of intense emotion
and passion, a creator and a destroyer.

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