Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Really silly co-worker drama

Ugh, coworker drama.

So my boss found a new temp and interviewed her on Friday.  I had that weekend off, but I suddenly got a text from Bettie Page asking what was happening with the temp.  I told her I had no idea - I had not spoken to my boss and I didn't even know there was a candidate.  A few hours later, I get an e-mail from my Problem Coworker (the one who would be replaced by the new temp) reading thus:

I was checking my e-mails I received an e-mail from [agency] to leave my keys at the end of my Tenure.  But they did not tell me when that was going to be If I am to leave them this sunday Please let me know.

Again, I am off for the weekend (and, as it turns out, out of town) so I quickly text a reply:

I haven't heard anything about this.  I guess call [Boss] tomorrow and ask her?

I hear nothing back, so I assume she's sorted things out with Boss.  This afternoon, though, I get the following e-mail:


I think what happened was your wording you put [Problem Coworker's name] has added her self back on to the schedule for April. So I guess [Boss] thought I was just there going to be there thru April. So she has hired someone else to start in May.

I thought she was aware that I was going to be on board and that we had settled the schedule thing. But If I can not work in may due to her already hiring someone else please let me know ASAP.

Feeling confused?  I sure am!  I think that she's blaming me for her losing the position because I didn't word something exactly right in an e-mail?  This isn't even plausible, because the e-mail in question wasn't sent to our boss.

So when I get to work, I ask my boss if she talked to Problem Coworker over the weekend, and she replies that she hasn't heard a peep from Problem Coworker since the announcement that Problem Coworker had gotten a new job - and even that was through the temp agency and not directly from my coworker.  She tells me she interviewed someone but hasn't yet decided if we'll take her.

Problem Coworker has always had issues with communication.  While most Front Desk Assistants typically text me a couple of times a month with various job-related questions, I never hear from her.  But I always assumed she at least talked to my boss once in a while.  I guess not.

I send a reply to her latest e-mail:

I haven't heard anything about training someone new for May (this is true - my boss didn't say anything about training another temp during our chat) but if [agency] is saying something different then you should talk directly to 'Boss' since she's the Office Manager.

I suspect she still won't bother to e-mail or call my boss, but we'll see!  There is no reason that I'm aware of that she should fear talking to my boss, so I have no idea what's going on between those two.
Tags: drama, rha, work

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