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18 April 2014 @ 02:16 pm
And she's (soon to be ) gone.  
So Problem Coworker is officially on her way out.

She'll finish out her shifts currently on the schedule, since there are only two left.  We don't yet have her replacement, but after all the fuss and drama of last weekend my boss decided that it's better to just let her go.

For one, she still refuses to talk to my boss.  Goodness knows why!  Even after I'd directly told her that the only person who could answer her questions was the boss, she never called or texted or e-mailed her.  Neither my boss nor I have any idea why Coworker won't contact my boss, but it's totally stupid.

Two, her schedule requirements are much too fussy for a mere temp.  Only two four hour shifts on alternating weekend evenings - it's not worth it!  Better to find someone new who can work on weeknights if needed or cover vacation time if someone wants to take a few days off.
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