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Glossybox: April 2014


APRIL 2014
April's Glossybox shipped extremely late, arriving a week into May!  No explanation or excuse was offered for the delay.  That was a disappointing failure of customer service on the part of Glossybox, but I believe that's the direction they're trending now.  When the box finally arrived, I noticed that for the second month in a row, no "story" or message from the box's curator was enclosed.  There's just a card with the products and their prices printed on it.  Not very exciting.


I miss the unifying theme that make boxes like Ipsy and Escape Monthly so much fun.  Still, Glossybox does do a few things right.  They consistently package their items well, and they do pick good products for the box.

AQUA SPA Relax Body Creme in Lavender + Chamomile: Not only is this lavender lotion moisturizing, it's anti-aging, thanks to a proprietary Marine Youth Complex.  Sounds fancy. I always need body lotion, so I'm happy to find a tube of it in the box. $1.67

BELLAPIERRE COSMETICS Super Gloss in Vanilla Pink: This is a nice, neutral lip color.  It reminds me a bit of Nars' Orgasm - a shimmery peachy-pink that flatters most skin tones.  This is a touch more brown, and when I wore it there was a slight metallic shine to the gloss.  But I like it quite a bit. $24.50

CALDREA Body Wash in Tea Olive Lime:  As much as I like fresh, clean fragrances, I really don't use liquid body washes much.  I just prefer bar soaps. Still, Seanie prefers liquid handsoap in the kitchen so this will probably end up getting used for washing hands, and the brightening, free-radical fighting body wash can only do good things to hands! $1.57.

CIATE Paint Pot in Skinny Dip: My goodness, this is bright!  Skinny Dip is a fiery orange nail polish loaded with shimmer.  I don't have a single orange polish, so this fills a hole in my collection quite nicely.  It's very "Girl on Fire", reminding me of Katniss in her burning dress in the Capitol.  This should be fun, and very appropriate for summer. $15.00

LASPLASH COSMETICS Eyeshadow Sealer/Base: I'm very lazy about using primers on my eyelids, and I always pay for it later with eyeshadow that rubs off very quickly.  This handy wand can be brushed quickly across the lid before applying the shadow, and is so easy to use that I really have no excuse not to.  The product's relatively inexpensive, too, so if it works I'll definitely want to buy more. $9.00

While I still think Glossybox is a great value, I think they've fallen into a bit of a rut with box contents.  There has been a nail polish in nearly every box, and it hasn't been so long since the last BellaPierre product (a blush) was included.  It aims for a slightly older audience than Ipsy, so there is a much stronger anti-aging focus in the product lineup.


I hope that this month's box will be shipped on time.

Glossybox is a monthly subscription box containing skincare and cosmetics.  Subscription rates vary, depending on whether you subscribe month-to-month or a whole year at a time.  For more information, visit them at their website:
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