Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Brief, random updates on not much.

Hey!  I've been married for two years!
Go team!
Now, if only we had planned ahead and requested our anniversary off work, we could go have some fun somewhere tonight.

But it's all good because I had the last week off from RHA, and it was glorious.

I didn't originally intend to be out of the office for the week - it just worked out that way.  After my shift last Friday, I had my usual weekend off.  The office was closed on Monday due to the holiday, so that was one shift eliminated.  I took Wednesday off to attend the Maleficent screening, and I don't work Tuesdays or Thursdays.  So, voila!  I somehow had an entire week off.

I should do this more often.  I feel much more energized and refreshed about being here in the office, doing the hundreds of minor little tasks that make up my job.


We've also had more people in the house than usual.  One of Seanie's coworkers stayed with us last Wednesday, and again two days ago.  (There was a work retreat and for some reason, this coworker decided to fly into San Jose instead of San Francisco, so he crashed with us to make it easier.)  His friend Alexis flew into town tonight, and he'll be staying on our couch through the weekend.  I think he and Seanie will just hang out and goof around for most of it, but that will be good.  Seanie's always stressed about work so he needs to have some play time.
Tags: anniversary, seanie, work

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