Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Dropped that class before it burned me.

I nearly walked out on my Native American Art class.

I should have walked out, as I immediately dropped it when I got home.

But the manners that my parents instilled me, the idea that it's rude to walk out on someone when they're talking, were too strong.

The teacher has been upgraded from annoying to a nightmare.

First, she's incredibly crass.  Maybe some people find that refreshing, but personally I expect a professor at a college to have some level of decorum.  I expect them not to drop "shit" and "fuck" in every other sentence.  Is that too much to ask?  I think not.

A student had a Very Urgent Question, so he interrupted her mid-lecture to ask, "My girlfriend got a scholarship because she's xx% [Native American tribe], but I'm xx% [other tribe] and couldn't get one.  Why is that?"  This had nothing to do with the lecture and frankly wasn't appropriate for the classroom, because it was completely personal.  A good teacher would have told him to discuss it after class or in her office.  But no.  This professor interrupts her lecture for a good five minutes to go back-and-forth with this student:

Teacher: Well, it varies from tribe to tribe what the requirements are to be recognized as a member-
Student: But I'm xx% and my girlfriend is xx%!
Teacher: Yes, but-
Over and over again.

Dude, don't waste my time with his silly question!  Since this boy wasn't the only one to interrupt her with off-topic questions, she didn't even finish her lecture.

She also spent a lot of time talking about her own life, but again it wasn't really relevant.  She might start with something sorta related to the class, like when she mentioned that she had organized an Indian Powwow at the school for many years.  Then it would diverge into random story about how she gets so many calls about the Powwow, even though it hasn't been held in many years, and also her home out in the Central Valley doesn't have air conditioning and this means that a roadkill deer her son brought home really stank the place up while they were cleaning it.  WHAT?

Her rudeness and lack of focus were bad enough, but when she declared that archaeologists don't know what they're doing and they make stuff up, I was done.

I can't believe that De Anza not only hired this teacher but also kept her around for thirty-plus years.  The class is a waste of time and waste of taxpayer money.

Tags: deanza, native americans, school

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