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Nineteen Years, yo!

So I woke up this morning and thought, "Wow. I'm going to be late if I don't get my butt moving." So I jumped up and ran around like crazy, changing and grabbing car keys and trying to find socks, failing to do so and racing out the door in just my dirty shoes with my hair falling out of its hastily constructed bun.

Work, as always, was painfully slow and I spent most of it watching my fingernails, newly painted to a prismatic "Amber Ruby," chip and wondering which lucky customer will get the danish with polish chips in it. Once Bobbie came, I sped home – actually, for once I went the speed limit because I was painfully low on gas and terrified I would have my car die on me if I didn't conserve it – and hurried through a shower. I did my hair up in a bun and put on my birthday present from Sailor, the assymetrical top and skirt set. I slapped lotion on hastily and was out the door again, on my way to school. On my way out the door, merrily slapping my flip flops against the pavement, I noticed that Kero had text-messaged me a happy birthday note.

At school I was greeted by Kitty, Bandaid, Seanie (who finally stayed to play with me! woo-hoo!), and Sailor. Johji and Tall Guy were there, too, but they are dull and unimportant. (Surprising to me, Johji was quite apologetic for not having a present for me. Like I care! It isn't as if he's my friend or something.) Seanie and Sailor had a merry moment figuring out which of them was a more of a man; Seanie won, hands down. I was rotated around everyone's laps for a couple of rounds. First Kitty, 'til she had to go get food because I made her drop her sandwich; then Bandaid, who gave me a free show. I was allowed peek down her dress and get a good glance at her cleavage and her bra; then I was passed on to the boi, who has grown used to my bony butt and has a greater tolerance for it and the pain it causes in long-term sittings. I managed to get Kitty annoyed with me when I made a short person crack; I was surprised she reacted strongly because she usually takes them in good humor, but she was probably already sour because of her sandwich. ^_^; Oopsies. Having one of your best friends annoyed with you is never fun; she was more-or-less over it later that day, but it was a bad thing. Eep.

In drawing the instructor actually deemed me worthy to be spoken to. Granted, it was only to discuss ADD and the potential of my having it, but after being assured that I am not affected by that condition he let me be again. We were drawing a saddle from the Civil War, and my crosshatched buckle looked quite horrible. If I could get a bit closer to that leather I think I'd venture a second try; at any rate, I need to practice the technique further. I suck at it. ^_^;

After school I grabbed Sailor and drove all the way home. Mom decided we should meet Auntie and Cousin at the Cheesecake Factory, so she grabbed my brother and the four of us moved on out to Valley Fair. We secured a table and ordered food and ate a ton. ^_^ It was good! I had Miso Salmon, wherein the fish was marinated in miso and charbroiled, served over steamed rice. It was so rich in flavor, very delicious, but I couldn't possibly finish it. ^_^; I'll be eating it tomorrow, too.

Even better than the food was the conversation, which for the most part was hysterically funny. ^_^; Everything's funny when you're bouncing on a sugar high, but all the was so much fun. Sailor managed to make one serious blunder, but it was fun.
My brother had drawn a "far east coast," "far west coast," "far north cost" etc. and he was explaining something about it to Sailor. Cousin only heard part of it, when they were discussing the "Upper West Coast."

Cousin: Are they talking about the 'Upper Coast?' **gesturing to her cleavage**
Me: I don't think so.
Cousin: 'Cuz, y'know, it sounds like slang for that.
Me: Yeah...
Cousin: Well, as long as they're not talking about, y'know, 'down south.'
Sailor: I've never been down south and I never want to.
Me & Cousin: o_0
Cousin: No way he's straight.
Me: That is pretty damning evidence.
Sailor: **splat**

But it was fun. Very fun...after dinner we wandered around the mall for a bit, then home. (I was so tired! I just wanted to crash.) But first I had to haul Sailor over to his friend's house, so we drove over and I dropped him off. Then I came home and now I will go to sleep with my teddy bear. ^_^; zzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzz!

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