Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Kairi Turns Two BBQ


My super cute niece Kairi turned two on Friday, so Kitty and Taitai decided to hold a little party for her.  I missed the first half of it because of work, which is a pity, because just as I was showing up the birthday girl was gearing up for her afternoon nap.  We saw her for a while as she opened her final presents (including an art easel from me, Seanie, Kero and her husband) and played with the three dogs running around the backyard, but before long she nodding off in the arms of Kitty's sister.  We sat and chatted and stuffed our faces with chicken, ribs, salad, and cupcakes as the guests slowly trickled away.   Kero and me and our husbands were the last ones to go, and we were loaded down with boxes of food to take home.  (Asian moms are like that, even when you're not their child!)  Knowing that Seanie and I wouldn't be able to eat all the food, I ended up giving half of the leftovers to my brother - which works out perfectly, because my mom's out of town all month and I don't know what-all he's been eating without her there to cook meals.

So happy birthday, Kairi!  Keep on coloring and painting with your new art easel!

Tags: bbq, birthday, friends, kairi, kero, kitty, seanie, taitai

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