Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Father's Day 2014


Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

I told Dad that he could eat wherever he wanted for Father's Day, and he picked Outback Steakhouse because he wanted "a small steak and a BIG BEER!"  Apparently, this is a specialty of the Australians, or possibly Dad just had a craving for Fosters.

The wait was dreadful, of course.  Outback doesn't take reservations, and there were many fathers craving bloody meat and frosty adult beverages on this Sunday evening.  We stood outside for over an hour, watching kids frolic on the grass as their parents stood in clusters, wishing they held alcoholic beverages in their hands instead of sweaters and other practical accessories.  I pulled out my phone and we scrolled through pages of Yelp recommendations, looking for alternative restaurants, but each time we calculated that by the time we got in the car, drove to the new location, and got added to their waitlist we could already be seated at Outback.

Eventually we were seated and eating and everyone was happy.  Considering how busy it the restaurant was, the food came pretty quickly.  Drinks were more sluggish - as the waitress remarked multiple times, the bar gets a bit backed up on Father's Day.  (She didn't mention if this is also a big factor on Mother Day.)  Everyone got a variation on steak, although Seanie got a pork steak and I went indulgent by adding a lobster tail to my order.  Hey, if I'm paying for the meal anyway it's OK to order something expensive!   I practically had to wrestle the check away from my dad, though.  He's so used to paying that we both went for the bill at the same moment, and proceeded to have a tug of war as I reminded him that it's Father's Day and so he has to let me pay this time.  Kenny tossed his credit card over so we could split the tab, teaching my father in the process that restaurant technology has advanced to the point that servers can charge the bill to multiple cards.
Tags: daddy, family, food, restaurants

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