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People make such a big deal about popularity, who has it, and who wants it. GET OVER IT. To be popular is not a big deal. Some of the most sucessful people in the world were total losers by their own admission in high school.

But you've heard this all before, if not from me than some other person here.

But I am curious about popularity, and how it affects poeple. So today at school I went up to some of the people I consider popular and asked them what they thought about it.


First was Cammy. She's the Varsity Cheerleading Captain, and she's currently dating one of the more popular juniors. She's Sophomore Class President.

"Cammy, what's it like being popular?" I asked cheerfully, holding my hand out like I had a microphone.

"Why ask me, Sam?" she asked, doing her cheerleader pose. (Arms in air, huge wink) "You're popular, aren't you?"

"Not really." I laughed.

"Then why are you in Leadership?" So apparently to Cammy, all it takes to be popular is to be in the Student Government.


Then I went to Liza. She's the Junior Class Vice President. Everyone loves her - I don't know anyone who has ever said a negative thing about her. "How'd you get popular, Liza?"

"Am I popular?"

I laughed. "Silly goose, of course you are?"

She looked down at her clothes. They aren't brandname, but they're nice. I think she knows how to dress, even if she doesn't have TOMMY or ABERCROMBIE on every single piece of cloth."Who thinks that?"

"Everyone does, Liza!"

"Really?" she sighed. "Wish they'd tell _me_ that."


Next on my list was a boy named Brad. I secretly suspect he's gay, as do about half the other students at school. The rest of us know that he's merely the horniest thing since Austin Powers. But he's popular. I asked him what he thought of the title.

He replied, "Have you done your layout yet?"

We don't get along, not a bit. Can't stand each other. So he refuses to talk to me out of any professional level.


So I talk to his friend Barry instead. Their whole little group is considered popular. Barry laughed. "Just be active in everything. I mean, we're in Leadership, Key Club, name it, our group's done it. It's only what we've earned." But a moment later he admitted, "I don't know who decides who is popular and who isn't. I guess it's just what others think of you."


I concluded my interviews with Val. I love Val. She's outspoken and an awesome actress. Most of the school loves her - the guys especially, due to natural endowments in Val's chest area. I asked her if she felt her fame was due to her flaunting of this particular feature of her anatomy.

"Of course it is, Sam." she replied, playing her haughty Hollywood actress. "If I didn't, I imagine I'd just be considered one of those weird actresses without a life."
I mention that most of the acters at our school are popular.

She laughed once more. "Well, who determines popularity anyway?"


So there you go. That's what some of the "popular" kids at school say. All of them are well-liked, intelligent, and active in the school. None of them are shy, except perhaps Liza (but even then she's only a bit.)

So draw your own conclusions. Most of them were willing (save Alex) to admit that while their actions should've made them popular, in the end it wasn't they themselves who chose to make them so.

It's all in the people. Common, everyday, run-of-the-mill people. Nerds. Gothics. Punks. Dirtbags. Whatever.
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