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Glossybox: May 2014



For its May box, Glossybox collaborated with Bergdorf Goodman, the famed Manhattan department store.  The store is known for luxury goods, so I'm hoping that some truly unique items will be included in the box instead of common subscription box brands like Juice Beauty.


Bergdorf Goodman $25 Gift Card: While including a gift card to the store is certainly a nice gesture, one glance at the price points on BG's website makes it pretty clear that I can't afford to buy anything.  I've heard that this might also be redeemable at Neiman Marcus, but I suspect the same difficulty applies.


NAPOLEON PERDIS Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer: Foundation primers are an essential part of my makeup routine; when I forget to use them my foundation tends to clump on dry patches, making the skin look uneven when viewed up close.  There are seven single-use packets of primer in the box, so I'll test it out for a week and see how it goes.  It looks like the primer's usually sold in a tube - I wonder why they chose to package the sample this way?  Maybe this was originally conceived as a sort of travel pack... $5.00.

REVIVE Intensite Volumizing Eye Serum: At first, I thought this shiny silver tube was a lipstick, but Glossybox soon set me straight.  The package claims that this serum will help brighten eyes and diminish dark circles.  Sounds good to me!  I haven't been sleeping well for the last few months and as a result, I always look old and tired in the mirror.  A full-sized bottle of this stuff costs a whopping $350, so it ought to be a miracle worker! $70.00.

ALTERNA Caviar CC Cream: When I saw the words "CC Cream" I thought this was a face cream - a sort of evolved BB Cream.  Nope!  It's intended for the hair.  This ten-in-one "perfector" promises to add moisture, shine, smoothness, softness, UV protection, manageability, strength, anti-breakage protection, heat protection, and light hold.  That's quite a tall order for a little tube of leave-in conditioner. $8.50.

ATELIER COLOGNE Rose Anonyme Cologne Absolute: I'm of mixed opinion on this perfume.  On the one hand, I love rose fragrances, and this is definitely a rose perfume.  It's strong, with some lasting power.  But it's an incredibly generic smell - just rose with some sort of vague Oriental spice mix in the background.  If I stumbled across this scent at Bath & Body Works, I'd probably shrug and say, "Not bad, not bad" and consider buying a $12 lotion or shower gel.  But for a premium perfume (the 3.4 oz bottle costs a shocking $140) I expect a better, more inspired smell. $18.67.

LANCER Lift Serum Intense:  "Stem Cell Recovery Complex" sounds so clinical.  The box that the pure gold and plant material contained herein will have amazing firming and lifting effects. Well, I did just run out of serum so this arrives at a very opportune moment.  Time to give stem cells a go! $55.00.

HOURGLASS COSMETICS Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara: Another mascara?  Man.  I seem to be getting a new one every month or two, which would be great if I was a daily mascara user but since I find the makeup has an annoying habit of transferring from my lashes to my eyeglasses, I very rarely use it.  Bummer.  I mean, this stuff is supposed to be amazing for length and volume, but I've already got a half-dozen tubes in the queue. $12.00.

I'm pretty happy with the contents of this box.  Sure, there are some items I don't need but the premium skincare samples are pretty awesome.  I hope I don't love them too much, since I can't afford to continue using them after the samples run out, but while I've got them it'll be fun.


This collaboration box with Bergdorf Goodman was much nicer than the last couple of Glossyboxes, so I hope the company will continue to find partners to work with to create these super-cool boxes.
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