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Ipsy: June 2014



A month or two back, Ipsy sent out sample bottles of Demeter jasmine perfume, and I was bummed that I'd missed out because I love that perfume company.  When I saw that June's theme was "Pretty in Paradise", I hoped that the jasmine perfume might make a reappearance.  Heck, I'd settle for any of Demeter's perfumes - they have such lovely and true scent that I bet they'd make a fantastic guava, coconut or plumeria fragrance. Otherwise, I predict products that contribute to a bronzed appearance, or at the very least compliment tanned skin.   There will probably be something coral, which isn't one of my preferred colors.  Cross my fingers they slip something turquoise into the bag, instead!


The pineapple print on the outer bag was designed by Rebecca Minkoff.  I'm not too familiar with her, but I want to say she started in handbags?  At any rate, she's using this Hawaiian print on at least one other design this summer.  It's not to my taste, and I think it clashes somewhat with the red zipper and its silver metal pull-tab.  So into the swap pile this little bag goes!  I can't say that the bag's contents really took me to Paradise, either.

BE A BOMBSHELL Lash Out Mascara: I've actually liked some of the Be a Bombshell products received in past Ipsy bags.  In fact, one of my favorite and most-used items is their red Lip Crayon.  But I think there's something wrong with this mascara.  It's got a funky chemical odor that makes my eyes water, so I can't even use it.  When I initially posted a picture of my Ipsy bag on Instagram, someone else pointed the smell out, so it isn't just me.  I wonder if something's wrong with the batch?  I'll e-mail the company and Ipsy and see what they say. $15.00.

NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee: Nice neutral pink color.  Very natural.  The gloss has a very sweet scent - not creme brulee, but maybe a sugar cookie.  I like it, whatever it is. $5.00.

MARC ANTHONY Dream Waves Beach Spray: This is yet another of those hair sprays that's supposed to add volume and give you that sexy, tousled look.   I keep getting these and I'm not sure why; maybe it's Ipsy's way of telling me that I really ought to try them out.  Beach Spray certainly suits the theme of "Pretty in Paradise". $3.00.

OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil: This brown eyebrow pencil would be great if my eyebrows needed help, but they're plenty thick and bushy on their own.  (There's a reason I pay a lady to tear half of them off each month.)  My friend K once suggested using eyebrow pencils as a subtle eyeliner to make the lashes appear thicker, so that's probably what I'll end up doing with this pencil. $13.00.

REALTREE for Her Perfume: "Realtree?" I said.  "Never heard of it!"  Realtree is a very famous brand, it turns out, but not for its perfume - apparently, Realtree is a company that designs camouflage patterns.  Huh. I  don't know how or why they made the transition to fragrance, but the result of it is in my hands.  I'm not impressed.  The predominant notes are pomegranate and amber, not a favorite combination.  I'm even more confused.  Shouldn't this smell like the great outdoors or fresh flowers?  Or is this the hillbilly version of glamour in a bottle? $6.99.

Content-wise, I think this is my worst Ipsy bag.  The only thing I'm actually interested in is the lip gloss.   The spray, the perfume, and the eyebrow pencil are all fine products, just not a good fit for me.  What is up with that mascara, though?  The more I think about it, the more I think something's off about it.  At any rate, I can't use it, so into the bin it goes.
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