Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Stupid summer cold.

As I was going to sleep on Friday, I noticed an annoying little soreness at the back of my mouth, left side.  It wasn't very bad, just that bit of discomfort that comes when a bit of popcorn has gotten stuck behind a tooth and the gum has swelled slightly.  I flossed extra carefully and was confident the problem would be gone in the morning.

Not so.  Saturday morning made it clear that the problem had never been tooth-related.  Instead, I was suffering some sort of sore throat ailment.  Again, the pain was on the left side.  Something was probably swollen, like a lymph node.  Drinking hot liquids helped sooth it, but by mid-afternoon it was fairly painful.  When I got home, I began to suspect I was developing a fever, too, because my skin felt like it was radiating heat out like a burning campfire, even though I was only wearing a thin top and skinny jeans.  I got someone to cover my Sunday shift, and took a full dose of Nyquil to ensure I'd sleep good.

I don't really remember Sunday.  Drugs have that effect on me when I take the adult-sized dosage, and I was popping pills regularly so I wouldn't have to feel the pain in my throat.  I sorta drifted in and out of sleep most of the day.  Watched TV when I was awake because it was too hard to focus on reading a novel.  You think Revolutionary Girl Utena is trippy?  It's even weirder when drifting on a sea of anti-inflammatories.  

(To those who wonder, can you really be that affected by over-the-counter pills?  Yes.  Yes you can.)

The advice nurse at Kaiser asked the same questions over and over:
- Can you swallow your saliva?  Yes.  It hurts, but I can do it.
- Are you feeling nauseous or dizzy? No.
- Do you have a fever?  Yes. What temperature? Between 100.1-101.2. Still fairly low, then.
- Can you stick your tongue out?  Yes.
Just stay home and rest.  If you want to come in for a strep throat culture, you can, but at this stage you should just wait and see.  Feel free to call back if your symptoms change.

Today I'm feeling much more alert, although I'm still running a slight fever and the throat's still hurting.

I debated going to work, because I'd hate to miss two days of pay, but it seemed rude to go spreading my germs about the office to infect my coworkers, so I stayed home.   That's always a tough call, though.  It always drove me nuts in school when horribly sick kids would show up and cough and hack throughout the lecture - a week later, half the roll sheet would be missing. But we live in a society where it's not really acceptable to take time off if you're only sorta sick - you have to be dying at death's door or you're just being a bit lazy.
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