Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Overreactive resident...overreacts.

A resident - let's call her Ms. Do Carry On - came in this morning to get a key for one of the neighborhood pools.

As per standard procedure, I asked to see her driver’s license. (We do this to ensure that people receiving keys do live in the complex, as we've had trouble with non-residents sneaking in to use the pools.)

She said it was in the car and demanded to know why we wanted to see it, and I started to explain that we’ve had some complaints about people who don’t live here using the pools – but before I could get more than, “We’ve had some prob-“ she proceeded to scream at me that she shouldn’t have to show the license because she lives here.

Now I've never seen Ms. Do Carry On before in my life - but I do know her husband, who plays tennis regularly. If she hadn't thrown such a hissy fit about going all the way to her car (what, fifty feet from the office door?) I might have just poked my head out the door and shouted out to the tennis court, "Hey, Mr. Do Carry On! This your wife?" and accepted his word on the subject. But she was much too busy being pissy, and she stomped out the door of the Clubhouse and slammed it hard on her way to get her license from her car.

When she came back in, she once again slammed the front door of the Clubhouse and threw her sunglasses down on the counter. She screamed, “I’m so mad I shouldn’t have to show this I DON’T GIVE A DAMN IF PEOPLE ARE USING THE POOLS!” and threw her license at me. I looked at it and handed her the key she wanted and she stormed out, once again slamming the front door with all her might.

Wow, lady. CHILL OUT.

I can't imagine ever tossing a fit over something as simple as showing a driver's license. I get that maybe it's a hassle - except it really isn't, or am I the only person who brings my ID with me when I go places? - but really, we do it for your safety. Even if you, Ms. Do Carry On, are comfortable with strangers splashing around and drinking in and defecating in the pool YOU PAY FOR, your neighbors aren't. Have a little respect for them!

What's truly odd to me is Mr. Do Carry On is such a laid-back guy. I had no idea he had such a shrew for a wife. I want to assume that she was upset about something else and took it out on me, but that doesn't make her behavior any more appropriate.
Tags: crazy lady, drama, rha, work

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