Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Trying to get life jumpstarted once again

I sent out several job applications this week.
Mostly part-time work, but the institutions are big names.

First the bad: I got rejected from an administrative assistant position at the SJ Museum of Art.  That's OK - I had museum experience and admin experience, but they found a candidate who had museum admin experience, and made their decision based on that.  I respect that.  I also respect the fact that they told me what happened - there's nothing worse then sending an application out into the ether and never, ever hearing anything about it again.

But there are plenty of other jobs that (fingers crossed!) I might have a shot at (although I think my chances are hurt by the fact I don't live in San Francisco):
- an education position at the Walt Disney Family Museum: I have experience teaching the children and they're looking to fill five positions.  It's very part time, which is perfect for me.
- two part-time positions at the Asian Art, one as a volunteer coordinator and the other working in public programming.  I haven't had a lot of luck applying here before, but try, try again.
- curatorial assistant at my old haunt, the MOMA.  I may have found this job too late - the post already closed internally, but I had to take the chance and try for it.

I have a couple more contract-type jobs that I've been debating - they'd be like the internships, only good for a few months and I'd be out-of-state.  I'll apply in the end, but I'd really like to find something closer to home if I can.
Tags: job hunting, museum, work

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