Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Kangen Water: Scam or Real?

Every month, I have a spa day. I pay a very nice lady named Nina to squeeze dirt and grime out of my pores, wax my eyebrows, pluck any stray hairs, cover my face in some deep-treatment mask and throw in a quick massage while she’s at it. It’s great.

Today was a little weird. Nina was going on and on about something called kangen water, which is some sort of super alkaline water. Drinking it will supposedly purge your system of impurities, clear your skin, gloss your hair, increase your energy, reduce bloat, help you breathe easier – you know, a typical miracle product. Basically, you take this little machine and hook it up to your sink, and it ionizes the water which makes it healthier somehow? The way she described it, it sounded like the alkaline water is somehow more absorbent than regular water and bonds with your cells in a more efficient way.

I’m not an ace in chemistry, but something doesn’t sound right.

I didn’t have any big plans for the afternoon, so when she asked me to try the water, so I sat around gulping down a massive cup of room temperature water and watching a fifteen minute video about kangen water. (As you can tell, I still don’t understand it.) Nina said that if I come back tomorrow with a big container, she’ll give me more of this water so I can start purging out my system and I’ll soon realize that I want a machine like hers because I’ll feel SO VERY AMAZING!

Now, some spa ladies are really pushy with selling product, but Nina has never been like that, which is the only reason I’m still thinking about the water. If she says something is good, I tend to believe her. But five minutes with Google has me convinced that this is all a bunch of hooey. It makes me wonder, should I say as much to her? If she believes it’s making her better –she’s a breast cancer survivor, so I’m all in support of things that make her feel healthy – should I burst her bubble?

Well, I suppose I’ve got a month to figure out what to say, since I don’t think I’ll be going back to collect buckets of tap water in the interim.
Tags: scams, spa

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