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killer nostalgia

So I was workin' on my zine this afternoon (letters done! now all that's left is illustration, background, and color. i could have this sucker done by the end of the week. ^_^) and I wanted to find a baby picture of me showing attitude. Y'know, sticking out my tongue, flipping someone off, something to that effect. It's so adorable when you're three! I found some random cute pictures, but I wouldn't say any of them were quite what I'm looking for.

My church dress...we took a family portrait in matching outfits, my brother and I.
I was such a tomboy...lookit my green overalls.
Check out my nakieness!
Sleepin' in my brother's bed...oh look, he's here, too.
My brother's so much cuter than me...
Who can resist the pink fuzziness?
Yeah, I had a She-Ra sweatsuit. ^_^

And this would be my attitude photo...
Talk to the hand; I ain't listening!

Yeah. Funfun. I was such a cutie-pie. If I find a current picture that I like, I'll treat you to what I look like now. For the record...I look completely different. I really think I'm some sort of alien replacement for my younger self. She must've been kidnapped by aliens or something.

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