Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I have a buttery new love!

Inspired by the weekend's adventures, I looked up food trucks in the South Bay and happened to spot a pop-up event across the street from De Anza, right after my film class.  How perfect!  I texted Kero to see if she might want to meet me there, and she agreed.

There seemed to be a truck for every major cuisine: American, Hawaiian, BBQ, Mexican, Asian Fusion, Japanese.  Something immediately caught my eye, though: the Lobsta Truck.  They advertised a Lobsta Roll which was simply lobster, on a freshly toasted roll, dripping in butter.  So simple, but surely so perfect.  Kero and I knew we had to try it, but the sandwiches were ridiculously expensive ($14??) so we ended up splitting one.  Oh, it was heaven.  That rich creamy flavor, the soft yet crunchy bread, that tasty, tasty lobster...I drool at the memory.  But it was tiny - I think I finished my half of the sandwich in five or six bites, and those are dainty, lady-like nibbles, not giant man-gulps.  A moment of heaven on the lips, never to be experienced again at that price.

But there was plenty of other things to eat.  At the Hawaiian truck I ordered some sort of super-carb-loaded burrito complete fried potatoes, egg, meat and rice.  It was huge - I couldn't even finish it.  (The leftovers will be great tomorrow though!)  I got some watermelon juice from the Mexican truck since it was a hot day, and even sampled some cupcakes from the last truck on the lot, called CupKates.  (Verdict?  Waaaay too much butter in that frosting.  It dominated the delicate salted caramel flavor I'd chosen with butter, butter, butter.)

Yet I still recall that lobster roll, and crave it desperately.
Tags: deanza, food, food trucks

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