Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

An impulse purchase from my darling husband <3

Last week, my husband bought me a refurbished Chromebook from one  of those uber-deal sites - woot, maybe?  No real reason - my laptop's OK, we don't have an anniversary, he isn't in trouble for anything.  He just felt like being a sweetheart.

Right now, I'm loving it.  It's bigger than I expected, but still so much lighter than my laptop (a bulky black monstrosity) that I think I'll carry this with me when I travel or go to school or work.  I wish it wasn't white, since that's going to show dirt right fast, but I'm sure I can buy some sort of cover or skin to take care of that.

It's not a powerful machine, but for someone like me it doesn't need to be.  All I use it for is for surfing the web and writing blog posts, so as long as it has the ability to process words and load webpages I'm golden.  Simple woman, simple needs.
Tags: computers, seanie, technology

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