Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

One of the most obnoxious things in this city.

San Jose Bike Party is so f*cking obnoxious. I'm just trying to get home from work and I've got to dodge hundreds of cyclists weaving in and out of the lanes around me, crossing major streets at random intervals, screaming at each other as they go.  When I finally got home (traffic had slowed to a crawl because all these cyclists were hogging the streets and running red lights) I couldn't even park in front of my house because it's on the stupid bike route.  The driveway was completely blocked by packs of cyclist rushing by - none of whom would consider stopping so that I could slip in.  Forget about parallel parking on the street, as I normally do!  My car's parked 'round the corner instead on a quieter street, along with several other vehicles that no doubt ran into similar troubles.

Now I'm sitting at home listening to people ride by while shouting, laughing, hooting at the top of their lungs.  I don't know how long it was going on before I got here around 9:15-9:30, but the noise persisted at peak volume until about 10:00 and started petering out after that, although every once in a while some jerk who fell behind rolls by making a racket.

I can see why people like Bike Party, and I can understand the need for community-building events like this, but if the assholes can be counted on to appear every month (and it seems like they do) then SJBP does have a responsibility to the rest of the community to at least try to prepare others to know they're coming. Heck, they should be doing that just because even a peaceful group will be disruptive when it numbers in the hundreds. That should include outreach to residents instead of expecting residents who are otherwise uninterested in the organization to check in month after month on the off-chance the bikes are coming through their area.

I honestly don't know why the city lets the cyclists do this every month.  I mean, if I wanted to have a large obnoxious party with a hundred of my best friends, marching down the street singing songs at the top of our lungs or some sort of private parade, I'm sure I'd get told to knock it off right quick.  But get together a couple thousand people on bicycles, making the group mobile (and able to annoy even more people) and suddenly it's OK to be noisy, high/drunk, and tossing trash all over the road.

It's just such a mess, but since biking is counter-culture cool it's OK.  NOT!
Tags: obnoxious people, rant, san jose

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