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Abortion: Legal Murder?

Today in Debate Club, of which I am the Vice President, we had a thought topic on abortions. A thought topic is when everyone gathers 'round and speaks their mind on whatever the subject at hand is, timed to a minute. I'm often the timer, as I'm the only officer who appears to wear a watch regularly.

I have to tell you about Sarah, the President of the club. She's been working my nerve lately, so to speak. She is flaky, unprofessional, and she hasn't a clue. Not to mention she is rude.

For the longest time, I've had to keep telling myself that the whole reason I had an issue with her leadership was because I myself was jealous, since last year I ran for President but lost it to her. So I saw her as flaky - that only meant I was purposefully ignoring what good she did. Maybe she was a bit unprofessional - maybe I was expecting too much of her. She's clueless, but so are a lot of people at my school.

But lately she's been annoying everyone. Lots of people are getting SICK sick SICK of Debate Club, which angers me because Laura and I (Laura is the Secretary/Treasurer) have been working hard (especially Laura!) to get the club to work.

Anyway...thankfully, Sarah was only in Debate Club for a little while today, until she had to leave for her soccer meeting. She rushed through the Agenda, instead of taking the time to clarify and sound like she was on top of things. It angered me, but I kept it down. I secretly planned to backtrack the moment she left the room, anyway. Then she started off the thought topic, blurted out her opinion, and ran out the door. I quickly recovered (I had assumed she would leave the thought topic to me) and started to mediate. It drove me nuts, though, that Sarah kept popping in and out as the meeting wore on. She kept making these gestures, like I should be giving her special treatment. I ignored her, even though in showing the obvious tension between myself and her was even more unprofessional than anything she's managed to do.

The thought topic was abortion, although that's not too important. The Idolized Freshman (tm) didn't get worked up, which was a shame. You have to understand - there's this freshman I have incredible respect for. I don't have respect for many people. Incredible respect is reserved for very few, indeed. But the guy is extremely bright, even if he is a Bush/Cheney supporter. And he didn't even run overtime more than once, which disappoints me to no end, because he's one of the few truly interesting people in Debate Club.

The topic ended early. I suspect part of this is due to the fact that I wasn't bothering to moniter properly. I was supposed to give an ending statement, but since I hadn't been expecting to do so I didn't articulate my sentiments properly. So here I go, now.

"Abortion, no matter how justified, is still murder. The moment the egg and sperm meet, you have life. To kill a life is to murder, no? I understand that the life inside you may not be in you by choice, and it may not be healthy for you to keep it, but it is a life. Can you live with murder?
"Whether or not Abortion is legal, a life is destroyed. The only difference is whether it is the unborn child's or the parent's.
"It is not man's place to play god and choose what lives and what dies.
"End of story."
Tags: drama, rant

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