Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Well, now I can add "bookseller" to the ol' resume!

On Monday, I was reading the daily issue of Shelf Awareness, a daily newsletter for the book trade, and I happened to read an article about Village House of Books, a bookstore in Los Gatos that was opening a second store next month.

Hey, I thought to myself, If they're opening another branch they're gonna need someone to work there.

Having received the bad news earlier that day that the CEO at work decided to cut our summer hours early, my job search felt just a little more urgent since I would soon be back to working two shifts a week. So I hastily typed up an e-mail to the owners of the bookstore, asking if they were hiring and directing them to my LinkedIn profile.

Lo and behold, last night I got an e-mail from them asking if I wanted to come in this morning to chat.  Yes.  Yes, I would.  We agreed on 10:30.

So I went in this morning and talked to the owner.  He was very upfront that the pay was just above minimum wage, but they do offer an employee discount, and since I suspect that a large chunk of each paycheck will cycle right back into the store's register that's a good thing.  I told him that I hadn't really expected big wages, since I imagine bookstores run on a pretty tight margin and well, retail slaves aren't known for making a lot of money.  I was just looking for something to pad my pockets a little between shifts at RHA and classes at DeAnza.

While he was showing me the registers, he got a call from a customer who wanted to see if he had a particular title in stock.  Since I could hear the conversation, I got on the computer and typed the title of the book into the store's catalog.  The owner thought this was just the most impressive thing ever, and sealed the decision to get me started at the store as soon as possible. We went straight to the schedule and started figuring out future shifts.

So here I am, once again a retail slave.  I never thought I'd have to say that again, or be so excited about it, but as a huge book lover I've always secretly dreamed of owning a bookstore.  I'm looking forward to learning how the shop is run and, hopefully, turning it into my personal playground.  First I make myself indispensable, and then maybe they'll let me decorate a window or make a display and before you know it, I'll be organizing events and test-piloting some ideas I've had for business ventures floating around at the back of my mind.

First shift is on Saturday.  This is gonna be awesome!
Tags: books, interview, job hunting, work

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