Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Planning out the fall quarter.

In my attempts to try and continue pushing forward, I registered for some classes at De Anza.  Five of them, in fact.

I don't intend to take five classes - that would be overwhelming and exhausting.  Two or three is plenty enough for me, especially now that I've picked up that second job. I just can't decide which ones I want to drop and which ones I will keep.

For sure, I have to keep...
- Chemistry. That's the whole reason I'm at De Anza, after all.
- Gallery and Exhibition Design.  A class that's actually applicable to my future career?  Gotta take that.

Then there are the three classes that would be cool to take, but overwhelming if I took all of them...
- History of Animation. I love animation, so of course I would want to take this.
- History of Cinema, 1950-present.  Continuing where I left off at the end of the spring quarter would be nice; after all, I already have the textbook.
- Oil Painting II.  Hey, oil painting!  Maybe I'll finally complete some of the projects I keep babbling about in my New Year's resolutions.

Schedule-wise, the film classes would be the least convenient because it would force me to return to campus several hours after the chemistry classes end, but they would be easy because it's just sitting in a dark room watching movies.  Oil Painting would be more active and enriching, but it's time consuming and would make it harder for me to work because my entire Tuesday and Thursday morning would be spent in the art studio.  I'm leaning towards keeping the animation class, because I'm pretty sure it isn't offered every quarter and the other two art classes are.  But of the three, it might be the most useless.

Decisions, decisons...
Tags: deanza, school

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