Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Busy Saturday at the Farmers' Market

Sometimes I am very impulsive.

Me: Kero, let’s go to the farmer’s market. I have a new juicer and I need fruits to feed it.
Kero: OK!

We decide to go to the farmer’s market next to her house, only to realize as we pulled into the empty parking lot that the market is on Sundays, not Saturdays. We brainstorm about where we might find another market, and eventually remember that the Kaiser hospital next to Kitty’s house hosts one on Saturday.

Me, via text: Kitty, Kero and I are going to the farmer’s market next to your house. Meet us there.
Kitty: Dude, I’m not ready to go out!
Me: It’s cool, we’ll wait.

It’s a nice enough market. Lots of peaches and nectarines (it’s that kind of year) and every seller seemed to have strawberries. Everyone had samples to try, so we went from one stand to the next, debating who had the best peaches and the best zucchini bread.

Then we started buying. I got some vegetables that I’ve never cooked before – chard, eggplant, kale. I thought it’d be fun to experiment with them.

When Kitty showed up, she had her daughter in tow. Kairi is adorable, as you know, and it was really fun to see her eyes widen with delight as she watched people lead their dogs through the market or called out to birds flying through the sky. But what really cracked me up was the way her eyes lit up when she tasted kettle korn for the first time. For the rest of the afternoon, she was reaching for the kettle korn bag.

We went over to Kitty’s house after we’d finished up our shopping to hang out for a bit. Kairi’s very into the movie Frozen so I drew a picture of Elsa on a piece of paper for her to color. I think her brain was a little blown that people could create images from scratch!

Eventually, Kero and I headed out because her husband’s birthday party was that evening, and she wanted to put in an appearance. She’s so much nicer than me; the party was a video game/LAN event and if Seanie were ever to host one of those, I would stay far, far away, birthday or not. I stayed long enough to graze on the snacks and watch an episode of Idiot Abroad with Kero before heading home.
Tags: farmers' market, food, kairi, kero, kitty

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