Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

My beautiful mermaids were censored!

So two days into the new school year, Jean's principal got a complaint from a Concerned Parent who felt that my modest little mermaids were showing far too much skin for an elementary school.  Crazy talk.  They're quite covered up.  Everyone's OK with kids watching The Little Mermaid and Ariel is positively trampy compared to my mermaids.

However, I'm not the teacher who has to placate school administrators, so it fell upon Jeans to cover up my mermaids.  She would have done Daniele da Volterra proud - the resulting coverup look pretty good.


I especially like the green tulle scarf being rocked by the middle mermaid.  The scales she added also turned out really well (a couple of them smeared, but unless you're standing right next to the tail you'll never know) and adding that sky  with the rainbow in the background really brings everything together nicely.

Gold stars, Jeans.  Gold stars.
Tags: art, doodles, drawings, jeannie, mermaids

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